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I received a approved web loan in the mail, I called and was told they would loan me $1,000.00 and my payback would be $1,200.00, I agreed and received the money. After my second payment I decided to change from weekly to bi-weekly and got an email for the scheduling change, that is when I saw it.

Bi-weekly payments of $243.00 for a year!!! That's over $6,000.00 for a $1,000.00 loan!!! Luckily I caught this before they scammed me any further, I went and opened up a new account at a different bank and closed the one they were stealing money from, I recommend if you get mail from them burn it!

If you fell for their lies close your account immediately! Scam artists, liars, crooks, thieves!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Web Loan Loan.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Thank you for your comments. These reviews have turned me away from getting a loan with this company.

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Sorry,after closing the account.have them file lawsuit against you?

Can they do such thing?


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