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American Web Loan provides short-term installment loans, which are different from other forms of short-term credit offered by tribal lenders and other companies serving the needs of everyday Americans. We take customer service very seriously. Customers may discuss...
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Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you about your concerns. Please contact us at at your earliest convenience.
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Close your account and reopen a new account with a different bank and do not pay a single penny to these people.This is a loan from a different nation (Indian reservation) and does not follow any of the US or state lending laws. Any lawsuit that they file in a US court...
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That is what I did today canceled my bank account the payments were supposed to be monthly and they are taking money out of my account weekly. So scared I will be taken to cou...

Representative was friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. I always get answers and info that I need. They explain payoffs and do not leave you not knowing what the date and amount of your first payment will be. I am a returning customer and my info had not changed....
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Super thankful for the approval!! Plus I applied at like 8pm at night the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and was worried because of the holiday that I wouldn't receive the money till Friday but I was mistaken. The money was deposited like 4pm on Wednesday!!! Thanks...
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I’ve been a customer for a few years now... Whenever I have questions or need a loan customer service personally answer all my questions with upmost respect. They are always friendly... :) Debra H.
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Ben is really a good man and I appreciate his concern. He took care of me 100% to my satisfaction. Patrick T.
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I didn't have any problems; it was quick and easy. Thank you so much. I really need it and it was right on time. Nicole H.
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This is the best loan company that works with me during the crisis time I am going through. Darlene H.
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Everything was done well by explaining my options of paying off my loan. They made sure I understood it well and made sure I was ok. I felt very comfortable and was treated with respect nothing to complain about. Yvonne G.
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