Got an offer in the mail for $2000 loan so I provided them my information. They didn't have the terms and conditions available for me to read until I got my account information after I was approved. I immediately called their customer service department and cancelled...
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so I borrowed 300 in March and they take payment out of my checking automatically. After reviewing my online account with them and looking to see how much of my payment went to principal I became irate. So Since April 5th they auto withdraw at like 108 and some change...
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American Web Loan - Scammers

They made it seem like I would pay off the loan in 6 payments! When I seen they charged me a 7 th time I realized that they are charging me 6 months! so I am at 12 payments! I paid off the loan and more and the principal has only dropped 400 after making 7 payments of $400

American Web Loan - Pissed

3 payments have been taken out of our account since we got the loan less than a month ago! And our contract doesn't match theirs! Angry

American Web Loan - Pissed and overdrafted

My husband decided to get a loan, we received our money on the 13th of June 2018, there has been 3 payments taken out of our account since then! 22nd, 26th and 29th of June, they said our payments are weekly, but our contract said monthly! Angry

American Web Loan - BEWARE!!

Deceptive, ambiguous disclosure of terms, nearly ruined my family. Would have been WAY BETTER OFF NOT TAKING THE LOAN.
I've had money deposited into my bank account on two separate occasions over the past 30 days. I did not request this loan. Both times the money has been returned to them the next business day (as soon as the error was detected). However, I was charged $15 wiring fees...
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I also had a loan opened and money deposited without my requesting it. I called them and told them to block my ss# as fraudulent. Also went to my bank who refunded the wiring ...


American Web Loan - What the Heck!!! It doesn't make sense

I'm building my credit and a pre approved loan sounded ok to inquire about. Thank goodness that's all i did! A $1,500 loan was going to cost me $9,193 @ 353.59 every 2 weeks xs 26! These people lost their damn minds!!! Please run and don't waste your precious time
I borrowed 1500 they told me 8 payments at 352 . Now they take 352 every 2 weeks over 700 monthly and say I owe them 8000. Closing my bank account because they altered my loan somehow
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Same thing has happened to me. Is anyone able to help? Ive tried working it out w them but that does nothing. They didn’t even allow me access to my account until today 10 wee...


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American Web Loan - Not a moral company

In 2016 (now 2018) I took a 2000 loan out. I paid over 4000 dollars back in 2016 and now in 2018 I am having to make a counter offer of 2000 bc they say I only paid the interest in 2016 and now the interest is 4000 more.