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My experience with American Web Loans was pretty painless. My only complaint is the EXTREMELY HIGH interest rate which was about 687%....something ridiculous like that but I was able to afford the weekly payments after the fact.

Yes, I ended up paying over twice the amount that I borrowed, but I also COULD NOT get approved anywhere else and was stuck in a jam. At that time, American Web Loans came through to help me out and I'm extremely thankful for them!

Sooo..essentially, I know I got screwed, but I also read the find print and knew what I was signing up for, which I accepted. If you think you're getting screwed by this company, then you need to do a little more research because there are much worse companies out there.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Web Loan Loan.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

I liked: Process quickly, Easy to make payments, Expediency of approval with low credit score.

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Thank You writer, I see all these people complaining, crying, *** about American Web Loan. But like you said when you cannot get the amount that you need to take care of the emergency you need it for from anyone else, then you have the choice to either take the loan or don't take it.

American Web Loan does not hold a gun to your head and say SIGN THESE PAYMENT AGREEMENT OR ELSE ! American Web Loan does not send you thru Duress and make you sign the papers, if you understand English and know how to read, then you should understand the agreement that you are signing, plus if you ASK QUESTIONS ! They will answer them. This is the second time, I have used American Web Loan and I have not had any problem getting the Loan, understanding what I am signing up for.

If you don't read or understand the contract ask the Representative, and they will exactly tell you what your payments will be and for how long. This is what you calla (HARD MONEY LENDER) they loan out money that NOBODY ELSE ! Will give you, so if you don't want to pay those extra fees for your emergency situation, then you must not have a emergency situation that you are willing to sacrifice by paying more then what you borrowed. Just to let you know I borrowed only what I needed, $400.00 and No More, I needed it for a emergency situations (My Registration Car Tags) I wanted to pay that off get my New Tags and able to drive around the City, instead of driving around with expired Tags, looking in my rear view mirror all the time to see if the Police is behind me, worried if I get stopped its going to cost me to pay the ticket, going to court and still have to pay for my tags.

American Web Loan took that stress and worry off my back. So if you don't have a emergency, and you just want money to go shopping, then this loan is not for you, its for EXTREMELY !

Emergencies ONLY ! Not going to the Mall Shopping.


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