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This is the most expensive loan ever! Ex: - you take out $1200 loan 12/1 - they will charge you $20 interest per day - your 1st payment date is 12/15 and they debit $277 (interest) from your account.

This pays the interest, not the principle.

Meaning you've paid them $277, but still owe $1198 ($1 of your payment goes toward the principle) - your 2nd payment due date 12/30 they debit $277 again from your account. The cycle repeats until you pay the $1200 back plus daily interest - DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN WITH THEM UNLESS YOU CAN PAY THE ENTIRE AMOUNT PLUS INTEREST BY YOUR FIRST PAYMENT DUE DATE!!!

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This company called us and said we owed them $1200 on a $1000 loan when we didn’t even apply for a loan with them! They also said we were responsible for the payments.

Couldn’t even give us our banks name that supposedly the payments are going to come from on the application.

Said it was rejected or denied, duhhhh! Why would you loan someone money without any correct information?

I hope the FBI and the Attorney Generals office has a field day with these rip off losers.


Yes i would be. This company tells you it will be 9 payments then all of a sudden it is 20 payments at 530% .

wow what a scam. This company needs to be taken out of business.


Would you be interested in participating in a class action lawsuit?

to Anonymous #1404146

I would!!! I had same experience


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