Close your account and reopen a new account with a different bank and do not pay a single penny to these people.This is a loan from a different nation (Indian reservation) and does not follow any of the US or state lending laws. Any lawsuit that they file in a US court will be thrown out by the judge because again, they do not follow any of the US or state lending laws and therefore cannot report jack squat to your credit report and also cannot do anything through the US law system against you (judgements etc.).

It might as well be a loan from Antarctica! Just send them a letter or email stating that you are aware that they are breaking the federal and state lending laws that you are under as a US citizen and that the loan they gave you is illegal and not sanctioned by federal or state law and that they need to stop contacting you or attempting to collect on the illegal loan.

They are literally making up their own rules as they go along, because they are in a "nation" that has no lending laws! They are relying on your ignorance of these facts to take advantage of you.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Web Loan Loan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That is what I did today canceled my bank account the payments were supposed to be monthly and they are taking money out of my account weekly. So scared I will be taken to court though

to Anonymous Waco, Texas, United States #1349910

They tried to take me to court but I just paid a settlement amount

to Anonymous #1350547

I have a loan with them and they are full of it. I wish I had looked into the reviews before.

What led you to being able to work out a settlement with them? I'm trying to find the best way out of this scam

to Anonymous #1480839

Just wondering....did they serve you with court papers?

to Anonymous #1426216

Did this work?

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