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I sent a check in for the payoff amount, and they lost my check!!! Now I'm paying extra interest, plus NSF fees from my bank, and now my payoff is almost double! They are not willing to help their customers in any way. They said "I need to see if my bank cashed the check" and that they have not "found my check" has been over a month. I have the tracking number and everything that says my check was delivered to the receptionist at the front... Read more

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I borrowed $1,100. They said the "payments" would be $289 for nine months (it's a lot and I was willing to pay that monthly). I sent an e-mail asking when my next payment was due to make sure it was monthly. They claimed not to be able to answer by e-mail, but I just knew it was monthly because if it wasn't, that meant that I would be paying back $5202, which is insane! Well, my payday is today and they took out another $289. I ran to the bank... Read more

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They falsely give you a loan and then charge triple the interest, i would have not taken out this loan, had they been upfront. i was told once a month a certain amount, and they have it every two weeks, which i will not pay. This is definitely an eye opener and I don't know the law but i am about to learn, Dont know why im suprised but when the government isnt protecting its people then who is, thank you for listening . Taking advantage of... Read more

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Definitely the worse experience. I got a loan and they didn't fully explain to me about the interest. Out of the $139 they take every 2 weeks. $20 goes to the actual loan. Had I known this I would not have gone through with the application.

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yes these people are not good loan me 600 i didnt have the ability to pay the first months payment they called me and demanded 1900 lol i knew then theys was crazy i wound up in bankruptcy and they still calling with a cheaper offer of course 400 if i pay today 900 if i cant or 250 down and 200 a month for 19 months lol so guess we see were it goes they hired a lawyer over 600 bucks that i would hAVE GLADLY REPAYED if it were made possible but i... Read more

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I took our a small loan of $850 the summer of 2015, knowing there is always an interest rate attached. What I did not know (or failed to fully comprehend) was, that the interest rate was a daily occurrence! I thought the interest was added to the initial requested amount, and each pay day I would pay off one lump sum. Not at all the case...I found myself making biweekly payments of just over $157 and my loan balance was never going down as I had... Read more

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These people are scamming individuals into paying 300+% interest on short terms loans. This is ILLEGAL!! You are under no obligation to pay them back and they cannot file a collection against your credit report. If you have a loan stop payment NOW and ignore the phone calls. The Indian tribe that is backing this group can violate United States law but cannot enforce the loan outside the boundaries of the federal land that was granted to them.... Read more

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I never needed a loan or signed up for one. Someone signed me up for a loan ambit was deposited in my account. I never signed up for this loan or applied for it. I noticed after 3 months they were taking $157 outbid my account on a $500 loan. I called them and they refused to quit taking money out of account. I'm filing a fraud complaint with my bank and an economic crime with the attorney generals office. I had $10'000 in my account and had no... Read more

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For the skeptics, I am not writing a pissed consumer report just to arbitrarily slander this company. Perhaps I should have done my research prior to borrowing, but even still, there are so many other people that this company has taken advantage of and so for them I speak out. So, my husband and I took out a loan with AWL. Normally, I do my homework and research reports, consumer complaints, BBB website, know? Well, this time I didn't... Read more

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Took out an emergency installment loan for $2500, worst decision ever, but I had to have the money. 8 months and almost $6k later, they STILL want money! According to them, only $500 of that was paid to the principal!!! HORRIBLE! I reported them to my state (IL) as they aren't legally allowed to lend here, they are not licensed, so I am not obligated to pay anymore, but am trying to get what I've overpaid them back. I have emailed them and they... Read more

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