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I payed these jerks off with no issues ever..went to get another loan and was denied. .called and no one can give reason..apparently they just want ur money and dont care about repeat customers..LOSERS...

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Process not clearly described and interest is high. Once they give you the money you start repaying weekly and only dollars goes towards the actual loan rest to other and when you pay it off they still debit from your account. I am still fighting to have it stopped. They are rude and un professional too do not use this company at all.. I have been dealing with Sheila Williams and she was the only one willing to help but kept telling me my... Read more

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I borrowed 1000 dollars from them. Paid 110 dollars every week for 2 months. Recently went to pay off the loan and it cost me 1080 to pay off. Now thats insane. All the payments just went to the wind I guess

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When I take this loan I explain I receive my check on the 3 rd of the month. The first payment was on the 3rd bt the second they did on the 2nd and my bank charge me because I dont have the money until next day. Also to hight the interest.

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Please do not get a loan from these people. They are a big scammer. I have a loan of 1,500.00. I made an extra payment trying to pay off my account and because it was not made on the date of my payment, this extra 300.00 went straight to interest. I never heard of such. Any other loan if you make an extra payment, your payment is put towards the principle. They are a bigger scam I would advise you to stay away from them. I am contacting the... Read more

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I had borrowed 500.00, they said on computer that had to pay 400.00 interest, I thought it is too much but no choice. 185.00 month to payoff but all sudden death was horrible that they took double a month, kept taking for 4 months. I called and told them that they take too much, paid 1600.00. They said have 4 more months to take out, I said wtf, I upset and went to bank to talk with manager, he said bad company and just close the bank... Read more

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I borrowed $500 and being charged over $1600 to pay this loan and I think it a scam and not happy. calling to report this. I think should have to pay back triple of what I borrowed and they has to way to put a stop to these people...I contacted them and they don't seem to care about taken care of this so im getting in touch with the bank and better business bureau to file a scam.. cant say I didn't try before sending to higher up. then to top... Read more

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I borrowed 2,200.00 from these people, they have taken 4,299.84 out of my bank and still are trying to get more money from me. Somebody please check this company out, they are taking a lot more money than what you borrow from them. This man name Tolando answers the phone from the consumer department, and keeps saying he can work out a deal. He just stilling peoples money. I don't believe this is happening to me! Read more

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Run as far as you can from these scam artists. If at least one person who's thinking about taking out a loan from them learns NOT to from this review, I've done what I need to do. I DO NOT CARE WHAT KIND OF CRUNCH YOU ARE IN. DO. NOT. DO. IT. I borrowed $500. I was told there would be four equal payment of $167.88. That's $172 in interest. Ok, bad, but maneagable, right?NOT TRUE. They just kept taking, and taking from my already small, college... Read more

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This company is a complete scam!!! DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN THROUGH THEM!!! Read more

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